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Q: How can you get such pretty feather boa pictures?

A: The quality of the feather boas is the key for the pictures. Our pictures were stolen by many other competitors though.

Q: What’s the quality standard of feather boa?

A: Most feather boas are made up with Turkey feathers. When the raw feather shipped to our manufacturer, the first step is to pick the feathers, discard the dirt and debris. The most full and clean ones will be selected at first round, and we call them Class A feathers. Class A feathers are what we asked the manufacturer to proceed to the next step to make feather boa for us. Because we have the best feather quality, our feather boas are evenly fuller and fluffier from top to the end. Because the feathers are very identity, easier for workers to sewing them together, that is why our feather boas are not easy to shade.

Q: What is the grandma’s feather boa?

A: You keep one of the best quality feather boas like the boas from us in your closet, the longer the prettier. Later on, your daughter or granddaughter can use it. That is why they are called grandma’s feather boa. Grandma’s feather boa will be much more expensive later on. We guarantee the boas you purchased from us will be as pretty or prettier after 10-20 years or you get a new boa from us then.

Q: How to keep feather boas?

A: Feather boas are washable. Please use hair dryer to hot-air-dry them immediately when you draw them from the water. They can be cut for sewing or other usages. Feather boas are finished products and safe for any purpose usage. Usually the boas need to be hung up for 48 to 72 hours before use.

Q: Why the prices are lower than your eBay store?

A: We are doing pretty well on eBay, but we have lower price in our online store is because eBay charges transaction and listing fees.